Data Breach Listings

Business are required to notify victims of data breaches from files they maintain.  Below are the reported data breaches for each year since 2005 (effective date of the law).

The following Data Breach Reports are complied and published by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) visit them at

ITRC Breach Report: 2010 YTD

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2010 YTD

ITRC Breach Report: 2009

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2009

ITRC Breach Report: 2008

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2008

ITRC Breach Report: 2007

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2007

ITRC Breach Report: 2006

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2006

ITRC Breach Report: 2005

ITRC Breach Stats Report: 2005

All data breaches since 2005 as reported by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Largest Data Breach in History

Listen to Interview with Kim Peretti, Former Federal Prosecutor on the sentencing of Albert Gonzalez’ co-conspirators in the TJX and Heartland data breaches, a long, hard criminal investigation.  Click here to listen to the interview done by Bank Info Security.

What happens to all this breached data?  Visit our Video Room to view the featured CNN broadcast.
Do you think a stolen laptop that has been encrypted is safe?  Watch this video from Princeton University now playing on YouTube:

Click here for more information on this research from Princeton.

Personal note:

If your personal information has been maintained by any of the businesses, financial institutions, schools, medical/health care facilities, governmental, or military listed in any of these breach reports you could be at higher risk for identity theft.  Note: lost records does not automatically equate to identity theft.  Since 2005 over 245 million records where compromised in the United States alone.

If your identity is at risk you should begin to follow the “Monitor My ID” information located on this website.  If you do not have the time or desire to regularly monitor your identity provided herein for free, you should consider a service that would fit your risk level and risk tolerance.  We will help you evaluate both at no charge by calling the person that sent you to this website located on the “Contact” page.