Can you boast to your customers that “we are a safe place to do business?” Do you have 3rd party proof?

If forced to testify in court, how would you prove you were not negligent if a data breach incident hit your organization?

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Our process makes handling data security compliance affordable, productive and easy. Some insurance companies even offer a discount on their cyber insurance premiums once our service is in place. Call or email today for a no-obligation free review.

For your employees: We train your employees on identity theft awareness and protection. Employees learn their role in protecting the personal information they handle.

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Any employer or organization that handles personally identifying information (PII) has at least a minimal obligation for keeping this information safe and secure.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines will apply even if your organization is not a member of a regulated industry.

If any of the following apply, you may have additional compliance standards to meet:

  1. Do you accept credit cards?
  2. Do you invoice your customers (members) for payment after services are rendered?
  3. Do you run credit reports or any employment related background checks?
  4. Do you collect or maintain any PII on anyone (SSN, Drivers License, birth dates, addresses)?
  5. Do you collect or maintain any financial account information (ACH, Credit/Debit cards) on anyone?
  6. Do you collect or maintain any insurance, medical, or other private information on anyone?
  7. Do you maintain education or academic records on any person?
  8. Do you provide or use any third party services that communicate any of the above?

If you answer yes to any one of the above, additional federal, state, and other regulatory standards apply to your organization.  You will need to demonstrate your good faith compliance if ever requested to produce evidence of following the guidelines that may apply to your circumstances.  Unfortunately, compliance is a moving target with new due dates and additional enactments handed down on a regular basis.  Plus, court rulings will add further guidance to vague terminology such as “good faith” and  “reasonable.”

Having to disclose a data breach, as required by most state laws, will negatively affect your reputation.

As small business owners, we are very emphatic to any additional burden placed on you as you try to compete in the marketplace. By offering services that literally range from no charge to very practical investments in improving your processes, your way forward to protect the information you have been trusted to keep private will not be an over burdensome task.

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