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(70% of Cyber Breaches Occur to Small Businesses)

Our Sensitive Data Risk Management Services will …

  • Reduce overall data breach risk and liability exposure
  • Make your organization legally defensible from negligence accusations
  • Maintain compliance with multi-laws laws and regulations affecting your industry
  • Compliments your existing efforts and fill critical gaps in your organization’s current compliance policies and procedures
  • Improve and simplify compliance process and responsibilities without impeding your sales process
  • Implement practical solutions for data security and Payment Card Industry Standard compliance
  • Increase customer trust and boost public image through our customer privacy assurance program
  • Perform internal and external vulnerability testing and verification
  • Provide important third-party validation and certification
  • Provide financial protection with a $100,000 breach response program which includes mitigation services
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Protecting Personal Information in the Workplace” 5-step program
  • Help you appoint a senior member of management as your Data Security Officer as required by the Federal Trade Commission
  • Help you write your Sensitive Information Policy and Program as required by the Federal Trade Commission
  • Show you how to automate Red Flags Rule documentation requirements including employee training as applicable to your organization
  • Teach your employees to appreciate state and federal regulations concerning securing sensitive data in the workplace and their role in it while providing them with personal identity theft protection services
  • Help your company create a written employee agreement, signed by employees, acknowledging their participation in your company’s Sensitive Data Protection program
  • Protect your bottom line by mitigating losses because you implemented the suggested FTC guidelines on maintaining data security in the workplace
  • Help you be in control of securing personally identifiable information your customers, employees, and many others are trusting you to keep private
  • Provide an in-house, 45-minute “Identity Theft Awareness and Protection” seminar at no obligation prior to any further services as our way of saying thanks for inviting us into your business.
  • Give you an opportunity to let your customers know you have implemented a Sensitive Information Policy and Program which will increase their confidence in you
  • Overall, you will achieve a significant increase in your “Culture of Security”

We stay with you …

  • Our Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) will facilitate implementation of your Sensitive Data Protection program and return on an annual basis to facilitate a review of changes and update your program as necessary.
  • We are backed by a team of uniquely qualified professional firms for ongoing service and support to your organization’s desired data security goals.
  • Our CITRMS is available to your organization on an as-needed basis.  Our goal is your success in securing your non-public data through secure management policies.

We follow the techniques that the Federal Trade Commission recommends.  You may review more of what the FTC recommendations by viewing an Interactive Tutorial entitled “Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business.”  Click here to gain immediate access to that tutorial.

Download a sample of our work guide, “Protecting Personally Identifiable Information in the Workplace: A Study Guide”

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