Speaking Policy

Public Speaking Engagement Policy

If you would like to attend any of our speaking engagements, please give us a call for details of each listed.  Some are free to attend but most require a fee payable to our host to cover their expenses for their overall continuing professional education program.  We will help you get in touch with the appropriate organization.

We will bring our seminars to you
at no speaker fee!

We offer all entities the opportunity to have our speakers present either:

“Identity Theft Awareness & Protection” (consumer based) or

“What Every CEO Needs to Know About Preventing Data Breaches” (work environment based)

We are passionate to educate everyone of the true threat, and available ways to protect against, identity theft.  About 50% of identity theft originates in the workplace.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will hold your organization responsible for not taking reasonable steps to prevent a data breach.  Our seminar will address the FTC Guidance you need to implement.

If you would like us to speak at your organization we would be happy to accommodate your request.  We do not charge any speaking fees – we want everyone to learn how to protect their own identity and the personal information they have been entrusted to keep private.  Travel outside of the greater Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE area may need to be covered – but let us know your specific request.  We may be able to offset your request with our normal business travel.

An alternative mode of presentation is Webinar based. Call us with details of your organization and perhaps this would make a suitable style of presentation.

Call Bob Listerman at 610-444-5295 or email Bob at rlisterman@btr-security.com to learn more.