Types of ID Theft

The Many Types of Identity Theft

Financial Identity Theft: Someone has used your existing financial account(s) or has created new accounts without your consent.  Anytime somebody makes an unauthorized transaction, imposing to be you, they are committing financial identity theft against you.

Medical Identity Theft: When somebody uses your identity to receive medical services.

Social Security Identity Theft: Somebody uses your social security number, whether with or without your name, for any inquiry or transaction.

Drivers License Identity Theft: A driver’s license is produced using your actual number from your driver’s license or your name and personal information is utilized to obtain a driver’s license from a different or same state or province.

Passport Identity Theft: A passport is forged with your name and your actual or made-up passport number.

Criminal Identity Theft: Some form of your identification, even if just verbal, is used by somebody else when committing a crime.

Character or Cloning Identity Theft: A person uses your identity in all walks of life as if they are you.

Synthetic Identity Theft: A person is “made up” by someone with attributes from many people. If one of those attributes is yours in real life, it has been stolen when it is used in the synthetic “persona.”